Industry Analysts Review Challenges for Legal Profession

Attorney Lisa M. Nousek currently serves as a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP, in New York, where she focuses on civil litigation with an emphasis on product liability. Lisa M. Nousek also maintains membership in several legal organizations, including the American Bar Association (ABA).

At the recent ABA Annual Meeting in Boston, a panel of analysts discussed current challenges facing the legal industry. The forum, Chasing Change: Why Legal Practice Will Never Be the Same, and What It Means for You, postulated that only 15 percent of corporations and individuals use legal services, which will not be enough to sustain the legal market. According to the analysts, the legal profession must adjust to market trends, such as globalization and technology, while maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

The panel also suggested that the legal industry increase public access to legal representation. To support this recommendation, the analysts referenced data from a 2007 survey that found more than 80 percent of the respondents did not acquire a lawyer in a judiciable circumstance.


A Brief History of Equestrian Polo

A New York lawyer, Lisa M. Nousek has supported the Polo Training Foundation and sponsored the annual Friends of Karen Gardnertown Polo Benefit. Furthermore, Lisa M. Nousek enjoys playing polo.

The equestrian sport of polo has long existed in the region stretching from China to Constantinople. More than 2,000 years ago, polo was already being documented in Japanese, Arabic, Persian, and other languages. Over the centuries, the sport ultimately made its way westwards to England and then to the United States.

The publisher, James Gordon Bennett, introduced the sport to New York City. The first organized polo match was hosted at Dickel’s Riding Academy in 1876. The same year saw the establishment of the Westchester Polo Club, the first formal American club dedicated to the sport. One year later, the Meadowbrook Polo Club was established. The latter club exists to date.

Polo is now a popular sport in the United States, England, and Argentina. Played in over 60 countries, the sport is viewed by over 50 million people annually.