How Cross-Training Improves Polo Performance

With experience in both plaintiff and defense work, Lisa M. Nousek represents clients in New York through Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP, where she is a partner. Away from work, Lisa M. Nousek enjoys riding horses and playing polo.

To build strength and grow in the sport of polo, players should cross-train to enhance athleticism. For stabilization and muscle growth, players can do squats. With the addition of weights, squats strengthen the gluteal muscles as well as hamstrings, quads, and groin. Squats also develop the core, allowing a player to stay balanced while riding and swing more effectively.

Many polo players struggle with breathing and have a tendency to hold their breath while riding. Yoga can alleviate this issue, as it teaches polo players to work on controlled breathing and movements, which are vital in polo. Other benefits of practicing yoga include better balance, range of motion, body strength, and flexibility.