Lawyer Assistance Program Offers Mental Health Support in New York


Lawyer Assistance Program pic

Lawyer Assistance Program

A partner of Boies, Schiller & Flexner in Armonk, New York, Lisa M. Nousek focuses on civil litigation cases and has particular experience in trials and cases regarding product liability. Lisa M. Nousek also belongs to the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). The NYSBA offers a number of programs and resources for lawyers and legal professionals, such as the Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP).

LAP offers resources and support for attorneys, judges, law students, and their immediate families who are affected by depression, stress, substance abuse, and other mental health issues. The program operates a confidential 1-800 helpline and email service with a focus on helping legal personnel maintain their quality of life and professional conduct through prevention, early identification, and intervention. With confidentiality protected under Section 499 of the Judiciary Law, LAP provides services that range from treatment plan development and assessment to depression resources and training programs for drug abuse, alcoholism, and stress management. It also refers impaired attorneys to self-help groups, outpatient counseling, detoxification and rehabilitation, and other community resources.

Services are voluntary and completely complementary through the NYSBA’s model policy for addressing impairment issues regarding mental health and substance abuse challenges. The NYSBA’s house of delegates and executive committee approved the model on April 10, 2010 with the purpose of supporting law firms, bar associations, and other legal departments.


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