The Responsibility of Polo Players

Lisa M. Nousek has spent nearly a decade as a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP. When she is not overseeing cases at the law firm, Lisa M. Nousek enjoys riding horses and playing polo.

A game of polo requires at least eight horses, with two teams of four players each competing on a field. Each player wears a jersey numbered one through four, with each number indicating the role that player is required to play. The number one position is tasked with the majority of the scoring load. The team’s lowest-handicapped player generally takes on this role. In polo, handicaps run from minus two to 10; a handicap of 10 is extremely rare, even on professional polo teams. The number two player assists number one in scoring duties, though a more defensively gifted rider usually plays in this position.

The number three position is most often occupied by a team’s most diverse player, as well as an individual with reliable leadership qualities. The three position could be compared to a quarterback in American football or a point guard in basketball, as this player is responsible for overseeing team strategy during a game. Finally, the number four player is a defensive specialist.